Best Common Methods to Get Rid of Florida Snakes

Saint Petersburg Snake Exterminator

To some, the idea of having a snake in your Florida property is frightening. While only a tiny fraction of the snakes species are considered venomous, you should still consider calling the help of the snake exterminator rather than dealing with them personally. You need to remember that most states have an existing regulations and laws that protect the snakes. Killing them can result to imprisonment and fines. With the assistance of the snake exterminator, they can humanely get rid of the snakes from your house.

Method That Snake Exterminators Use When Eliminating the Snakes

Once you encounter the Florida snake in your property, we advise you to stay away from them. There is a possibility that they are harmless and they are just passing through your yard. Usually, it is not a reason to be alarmed. Sometimes, it can also be a good thing if you have a non-venomous snake in your property. However, if you don' t know how to determine the venomous from the non-venomous, it is best to call a professional wildlife removal agency.

Using Snake Trap

In case the Saint Petersburg snake is located indoor, using a trap would be effective to remove them. However, the experts will never recommend the use of the glue traps due to the fact that it is an inhumane way to capture them. With their long years of experience, they have tried all sorts of snake traps and they know what is effective and what is not. Snake traps are ideal for snakes that are at least 5 feet long. Unfortunately, if you have a large snake issue, this is not the ideal solution for you. Traps can be used for multiple times. You simply have to wash it with water and manually remove the debris inside. After successfully catching the snake, they will then have to relocate it.

Exclusion and Habitat Modification

As we often remind our Florida clients, there are always reasons on why the snakes are attracted to your property. Perhaps your property is filled with debris that appears attractive to the snake. Usually, the snakes prefer a safe place to live. This makes your vegetable garden an excellent place for them to stay. Be sure to trim your vegetation regularly. The snake exterminator will eliminate all these attractants such as the pile of plywood, bushes, or stones in your yard. They will fill the gaps and install deterrents such as barriers and exclusion devices. They can also use steel screen to seal the gaps under the decks and doors.

Most kinds of Saint Petersburg snakes are actually valuable that maintains the balance in our ecosystem. However, if you are uncomfortable on the idea of having these snakes lurking around your property, it is time for you to seek the assistance of the snake exterminator. Their experience and knowledge on different types of snakes will help them determine the best course of action. Once you encounter a snake in your yard, never approach them. Call the pro and they will be able to deal with your problem.

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