Getting Rid of and Keeping Birds Off Your Beautiful Florida Patio Starting Now!

In case you have a Saint Petersburg bird problem in your property and they keep pooping on the furniture on your patio, we clearly understand what you are going through. We have dealt with similar situations in the past and we are aware on the gravity of this situation. The droppings of this bird contain acid that will not only affect the aesthetic feature of your furniture but also its condition. The birds are elegant and beautiful creature. However, they can sometimes be a nuisance creature.

A Complete Guide on How to Deal With the Birds on the Patio

Aside from the fact that they can cause damage to our Florida property, the droppings of the birds are major health concern. In severe situation, it may even lead to death. According to the experts, there are at least 60 possible zoonotic diseases that the birds can carry. This is why you need to deal with them as soon as possible.

Mild Hazing (Scare Tactics)

This is probably the most cost-efficient solution for your bird infestation problem. However, it only presents a short-term solution. Some people choose to introduce a predator decoy in their patio. Due to the instinctive nature of the bird, they will immediately be scared on the presence of the predator. Unfortunately, there will come a time when the birds will be familiar about them. The battery operated decoy would be a better option, Make sure to change their position regularly.

You can also conduct mild hazing such as scaring them with bright lights and loud sounds. Birds are usually sensitive to loud sounds. This is their defense mechanism against the predators that are stalking them. We do not necessarily advice you to purchase those ultra sonic devices that are advertised in the market. There are no studies that support the efficacy of these gadgets. Using shiny and reflective metals and mirrors can also startle these birds.

Remove the Things That Are Attracting the Florida Birds

In case you want to get rid of the Saint Petersburg birds that are frequenting your patio, you will need to remove the objects that are attracting them. There is a huge possibility that there is a food or water source close to your patio. If you don' t want to remove them, at least place them away from your patio. You should also avoid feeding the birds in your patio. If the shrubs or the trees were overgrown, you will need to regularly trim them to limit the roosting place of the birds. Finally, you should keep away your mailbox away from the patio. Birds love to perch in this place.

These are few methods on how you can drive the Florida birds away. You may also use bird deterrents such as nets and Saint Petersburg bird spikes to limit their access to your patio. Unfortunately, this may make your patio look unsightly. For better option, talk with a local bird removal company to find a better solution to your problem.

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